How we make graphics production work for you

At Bema Graphics:
  • we achieve quality, on time and within your budget
    and we support you in all facets of graphics production
  • we offer our employees a stimulating working environment
    with room for self-development and collegiality
  • we secure the graphics sector in Belgium
    by innovating products and processes
  • we nurture long-term relationships
    with customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and everyone involved


Quality with respect for people and environment

Every day, we produce high-quality graphical work with respect for the delicate balance between people and environment. We honour our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by choosing FSC paper and working according to the ISO 12647 and ISO 14001 standards.

Printing with care: our FSC certificate
We have deliberately chosen to work according to the standards of the FSC label. Put concretely: you receive the guarantee that we use FSC paper and convert it into printed matter correctly. A recent SGS audit has shown that we do so entirely according to the FSC standards.

Sustainable and qualitative material with ISO 12647
Furthermore, we produce completely according to the ISO 12647 standards: with us, your printed matter consists entirely of sustainable and high-quality materials. This is audited regularly by an independent organisation.

Working on environmental protection with ISO 14001
BG embraces the ISO 14001 pronciples – which means that we want to continue our conservation efforts over the long-term as well. The objectives of our environmental policy are:

  • to implement the strictest guidelines
    observing the conditions of environmental permits and requirements
  • to handle raw materials carefully
    rationalising our use of energy and raw materials
  • to manage hazardous materials and waste correctly
    reducing and optimally managing our use of hazardous materials, optimising waste management, implementing an emergency plan
  • to communicate
    communicating internally and externally about our CSR plans and activities


A revolution in the world of paint and colour

In an exclusive collaboration with DuPont de Nemours, we have developed and produced MyColourTouch® (MCT). Our experience in colours and printing, and Dupont de Nemours' expertise in paint, have created a unique Sales & Marketing tool for the world of paint.

Via a touch-interface, MyColourTouch® helps customers select colours at points of sale by printing high-end paint samples on demand. MyColourTouch®:

  • personalises the choice of paint colour
    and strengthens that with special service and advice
  •  makes tinting more cost-effective
    and generates added value and profit for paint producers and suppliers
  • prints only the desired paint samples, reducing waste
    and making paint’s logistics chain much more efficient


MyColourTouch® lab

To receive our international prospects and clients, Bema Graphics has created a separate MyColourTouch® theme area. Inspiring, open, convivial: where everyone is welcome to meet with our experts regarding new or on-going projects, or to discuss any 'graphics' topic, such as colour, sampling, image, MyColourTouch®...


Great colleagues (m/f) wanted

Team player, involved in your work? Committed to quality? And to developing in your field? At Bema Graphics, you’ll join an especially fine team with a strong drive. We also regularly go together to visit trade shows, suppliers and manufacturers – to stay current with the latest trends, techniques, presses and equipment.

Send us an e-mail to let us know that you are interested in
a job with us. We’ll get back to you soon!